Executive Team

Hemanth Neeli MD

Hemanth Neeli, co-founder of Inhospital Physicians Corp (IHP) has demonstrated incredible strength in analyzing and finding solutions to changing trends in inpatient services. His innovative ideas have produced efficiency in several service lines which benefits the facilities tremendously and thereby increasing the value of all stakeholders. He works very closely with the administrative team at IHP and monitors the progress of various facilities. He is laser focused on safe transition of care and has created numerous tools and education to achieve the same.His role as an administrative consultant in a major national hospitalist company enabled him to muster the skills required to navigate the intricacies of health care administration and develop mutually beneficial partnerships. He has personal interest in advancing medical education among the students and residents.

William Vemula MD

William Vemula, co-founder of Inhospital Physicians Corp (IHP) is board certified in Internal medicine and completed his residency at Mercy Catholic Medical Canter/Drexel University. He has previously held various leadership roles including Program director for Hospitalist programs at Temple University Hospital /Cogent Hospitalist program and Episcopal Hospital. He is currently Chief of Hospitalist division, Jeanes Hospital, Temple university health system and oversees other IHP hospitalist programs. He brings, expertise in providing Hospitals the clinical models and protocols vital for improving the performance of hospitals in various health care outcomes. His interest involves training, mentoring new Hospitalists and transition them into leadership roles.