About Us

Inhospital Physicians Corp (IHP) is a healthcare professional management and solutions company specialized in providing high quality, state of the art inpatient and ambulatory services in the northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. IHP is physician owned and physician run company with a robust growth strategy and initiatives. Our executive team consist of physicians who are experienced in inpatient services and have been leaders in this field for more than a decade. Our team takes pride in providing high quality compassionate patient care at all our partner locations. We are committed to high integrity and ethical standards in our professional and business conduct.

IHP provides a wide spectrum of inpatient services, ranging from establishing and successfully managing a hospitalist program from scratch, support existing in-house or outsourced hospitalist programs with short term staffing needs. We also provide other inpatient physician services including intensivists, ER physician services. We have a strong team of physicians and mid-level provides focused on providing locum tenens staffing in a short notice. We are focused on safe transition of care and provide continuity of care through our post-acute care services. Our hospitalists also provide patient services in acute rehab, subacute rehab, long-term acute care facilities and nursing Homes in the region.

We have in-depth knowledge of changing trends and policies in the healthcare industry and our executive team is focused on finding solutions for changing industry needs. We are proficient in designing operational and financial goals based on our partners needs and our own proven data analysis. We always achieve and exceed those goals in several instances through our highly qualified and teriffic team of physicians and administrative staff. Our management team works closely with their partners in creating guidelines and management tools to achieve the shared common goals. We encourage our team to develop innovative ideas and implement the successful ones across the system.

We actively recruit the best physicians and mid-level providers through rigorous screening, background checks and personal quality performance. Most of our robust team of health care providers have experience in the respective fields with community ties in their location.